Project Cars 2

So at first I thought Project Cars 2 was more eye candy than realism, until I started tweaking the SimTools Engine a little with the DOFReality H3.  I then discovered the real meaning of "rear traction loss"!!  I might have to my game rankings now because the this particular implementation in Project Cars 2 is far beyond any other sim game I've played!

In every other racing sim game - iRacing, Raceroom Experience, Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, the rear traction loss is very binary - either you get slammed to one side or another and it feel like something hit your car more than a slide.  Project Cars 2 is extremely and refreshingly different!  Instead of just an immediate sideways bump, Project Cars 2 actually makes you 'accelerate' from a slow slide to a faster and faster, and then it slowly corrects back as you straighten the car out!! Also you can feel the difference between a little slide and a LOT of slide, and best of all it is SUPER SMOOTH.  The simulator does not jolt you around, but smoothly slides you right or left depending on where your tail is going so you REALLY get a feel of just how much your tail is sliding and you can correct your steering by just the right amount to safely continue to slide or straighten! It is the most awesome feeling in the world once you get a proper slide in a sim!  You can also feel the difference between sliding on dry and wet pavement which is truly amazing, you can feel the loss of grip on the rear tires so you don't accelerate as much on water but also the slide correction is done in such a way that you don't "hook up" with the grip as quickly as on dry pavement.

So congratulations SlightlyMad Studios, I think you're the only ones who've gotten it right!!!  Thank you!! Also thank you DOFReality for making an affordable enough platform so that we can experience phenomenal "drift" at home!


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